If you would first like to find your tracking code please read this article: http://help.smartengage.com/knowledge_base/topics/finding-your-tracking-code

Now that you have your tracking code we need to add it to your website. It should be added to the Header of every page of your site that you plan to track or display lead magnets on.


Note: You only have one tracking code for each Brand Avatar and SmartEngage will work best if this is on every page of your website.

Paste Tracking Code Into Website Header

✔️ Paste the code between the <head> and </head> tags of your website. 
✔️ Make sure it's on every page of your site that you plan to track, capture or display on (in most cases this will be every page of your site).

This helps SmartEngage find accurate information on your customers.

That's it! 

You've now integrated the SmartEngage tracking code to your website. It’s time to test that it's working

View Page Source

Visit your website with Google Chrome browser and right click anywhere on your page. Select the drop down that says "View Page Source"


Find Your Tracking Code

Next, you will need to find the SmartEngage Tracker in the code. A quick way to search for this is to press Command-F on mac or Control-F on windows which will bring up a search bar.

In the search bar, you will type "smartengage" If you have it installed on your page, you will see code similar to this:

If that search doesn't bring up the SmartEngage tracking code, you will need to go back into Step 1: Installing your SmartEngage tracking code and follow the instructions.


Make sure that you only see one instance of the SmartEngage script in the code. If you notice that the SmartEngage snippet of code is installed twice on the page, you will want to go into your code to remove one of them, otherwise it won't trigger properly.