The blacklist is a list of email addresses that are prevented from receiving broadcasts and automation emails from you.

In order to add or remove emails from this list just follow the instructions below. 


Step 1: Click on your avatar and then click on "Manage / Integrate"








Step 2: On the left navigation panel click on "Email Blacklist"














Step 3: Here you can click on "Add Email Blacklist" or "Import Email Blacklist" 

  • When choosing the former you simply have to paste a line item list or comma separated list (up to 1,000 emails at a time).
  • When choosing the latter you simply have to upload a .txt file of email addresses in line item format (up to 1,000 per import).

NOTE: You can also edit an existing email on your blacklist by clicking the pencil icon or remove them entirely by clicking the delete icon.