Creating Broadcast Newsletters are an important part of comunicating with your customers.

Here at SmartEngage we are not simply an email service provider. We also allow you to send Facebook Messenger Broadcasts and Push Notification Broadcasts. 

This is extremely powerful in that you now have the ability to set up conditions of sending communications to multiple platforms the smartest way possible.

To get started please follow these steps:


Step 1: Click on Engage > Broadcast


Step 2: In the top right area of the page click on the "New Broadcast" button.


Step 3: Select One or more platforms in the order of priority you want your subscriber to see first if they have more than one platform associated with them.

What is the point of this? Lets assume that you have the subscriber, John Doe. If John is connected via Email, Facebook Messenger, and Push Notifications you certainly don't want to spam him with all 3 contact methods at once.  In this case you set the Primary Platform you want to use to contact someone assuming they have multiple platforms connected. The order of priority will depend on each Subscriber in terms of what platforms they have connected to their account.


For a full explanation of how this feature works along with everything related to sending a Broadcast please watch this video below: