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DomainKey Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) are two methods that can protect you from email spamming, spoofing, and phishing attempts.

  • The SPF method lets you specify which email servers are legitimate servers for your domain.
  • The DKIM method lets you attach a DomainKey signature to your outgoing mail. The receiving server then verifies the validity of the key and either accepts or rejects the mail.

SPF and DKIM are frequently used in combination since they attack email problems from two different angles.


At SmartEngage we want you to have the best email deliverablity possible so we require you to add 2 TXT records in your DNS settings of your hosting provider.


Step 1: If you are in the process of creating your brand avatar you can skip to Step 2 where we list the records.
Otherwise, if you initially skipped this step during Brand Avatar Creation please visit your main dashboard page click on your brand avatar to reveal the link for "Manage/Integrate


Step 2: After clicking Manage/Integrate you will scroll to the very bottom of the page in order to see the section with your brand avatar's custom records.

It will look something like this:


Step 3: Log into your hosting provider or contact them and give them the records from following the steps above and ask them to add 2 TXT records with that information.

If you would like to do this yourself it can be done very easily. Here's an example demonstration video below.

NOTE: If required to provide an actual number for TTL, plese enter 14400

Please use the link below to view instructions for various hosting providers

Please note that you want ONLY 1 SPF Record to exist in your DNS settings.

If you have an existing SPF record already that you need to keep then you will have to merge the records into one single record. For assistance with this please open a support ticket.