Over 80,000 websites have the Genesis eNews Extended plugin installed and styled for their site, and this article will show you how to connect it with the power of SmartEngage!

Step 1: Create your Lead Magnet on SmartEngage

Then click on New Lead Magnet:

Then click on Opt-In Forms:


Select Email in the dropdown menu for Form Type and then select "Custom HTML Form":

Configure the basic settings of your Opt-In Form:

Inital State: Select First Name

Submitted State: Setup a Redirect to URL

Opt-in Actions: Configure single or double opt-in along with any tags and/or automation sequences you want added to the user upon signup

Setup: Click Active in the top right and save the new lead magnet. Revisit the lead magnet Setup tab to see the embed code displayed. You will refer to this snippet of code for step 2.

Step 2: Visit your Genesis Form as per the below example:

Here's an explanation of the form fields that matter:

Form Action

This is the URL for your form. It is the URL you find within the embed code from step 1 above. Copy that URL and insert it in the "Form Action" section of Genesis.

E-Mail Field

For this, you just need to add this text:


First Name Field

Just add the following:


Last Name Field

Leave this one blank.

IMPORTANT: You must still have your main SmartEngage Tracking Code installed in the header of your website. For more information please visit: 


That's it! The other fields can be customized or left blank.