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We know that email marketing isn't easy and that's why we sought the experts when building SmartEngage. We have partnered with the industries top emal marketing professionals in order to provide the highest inbox rates possible. 

We take a multi faceted approach to maintaining our extremely high inbox rates.

Step 1: We first require customers of SmartEngage to add TXT records for DKIM/SPF records.  Without getting too fancy, this is just a simple way to maximize your trust and deliverablity.

Step 2: Next we use an automatic list hygiene algorithm. Some cleaning services focus only on determining whether the emails on your list are valid or invalid, some focus only on catching spamtraps and other bad threats. SmartEngage focuses on everything: invalids, spamtraps, bots, role accounts and much more including dormant accounts - the ultimate key to deliverability at the biggest email receivers. Here are the main points we focus on:

A. Find and Remove Dormant Accounts - Dormant accounts are email addresses at the top mailbox providers that USED TO BE GOOD but were then abandoned by their owner (probably because of receiving too much email). These mailbox providers (like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft) then REACTIVATE those old, dormant accounts with the express purpose of catching email marketers who have not removed them from their lists after being warned for 6 months to do so. (Sneaky, sneaky.) Sending marketing emails to dormant accounts is probably one of the WORST things you can do for delivery

B. Find and Remove Spam Traps - Spam Traps are email addresses created for the purpose of catching people who send unsolicited emails. They NEVER optin to receive emails and they are almost always added through using 3rd party rented or purchased lists. Mailing Spam Traps immediately indicates that you are using 3rd party lists and pretty much destroys your deliverability. 

C. Find and Remove Invalid Emails - Invalid emails are emails that do not exist. They are made up, inserted in your lists by malicious users and freebie seekers and they cannot be delivered to. They will do serious damage to your reputation as a respected email marketer.

D. Find and Remove Typo Domains - Typo domains are emails with mistakes in the spelling of the domain. Examples include and Mailing them indicates you care very little about your sender reputation and as such, you will have a lower reputation.

E. Find and Remove Serial Complainers - Serial Complainers are like Serial Killers - they keep doing the same bad thing over and over again. They are well known for only complaining about the commercial email they receive. 

F. Find and Remobe Bots - Bots are robots that are added to your list simply to waste your time. They artificially inflate your Click #s and provide you no value. They upset advertisers and list partners, drive down your PPC & ECPM and will NEVER become a lead or buyer. They are just taking up valuable space that could be filled with high quality prospects. Draw out this poison from your lists immediately!