Proof Integration Instructions


On the "Capture" step of the form you will need to click on "Use A Webhook Integration"

Click "Custom Webhook"


Click to use This Webhook and complete the steps as per Proof's instructions



On the Left side you set the trigger which will be responsible for what actions must take place in order to pass the subscriber's information into Proof via the Wehhook

Typically, the trigger is configured by the SmartEngage > Applied a Tag configuration

On the Right side you will select SmartEngage > Send an HTTP post as your action.

Endpoint URL is where you will enter your Proof Webhook obtained from Step #3.

Content type will be JSON

Click the button to ADD CUSTOM DATA

In the first, box enter: type

In the second box enter: custom

These parameters are required by Proof.

Name this automaton rule and click save.

Your Automaton Rule is now configured properly to send data to Proof via the configured Webhook.