Importing Email Subscribers is done as follows.

*NOTE: If you already know you have Custom Fields you want to import from a previous Email Service Provider please first Add Custom fields by following the instructions provided here:

Step 1: On your left navigation menu click on Subscribers. 

Step 2: At the top middle area of your screen click the button for "Import Subscribers" 

Step 3: Select Emails as the platform you wish to import and add the CSV file for your email users that you downloaded from your previous service provider. Click Continue

Step 4: You will then see a screen like below for Mapping Columns. The left hand column are all the fields we found from your .CSV file.  The right side column with dropdowns are the fileds which SmartEngage has available.  We automatically match these as best as we can but feel free to review this before clicking "next".

Step 5: Review the selected column mapping you selected and then click "Submit" 


NOTE: After clicking Submit you will then see a confirmation message that we are importing your Contacts. 

SmartEngage uses the most sophisticated email cleaning system available on the internet. This results in the cleanest list possible which, in turn, gives you amazing open rates.

Please be patient as importing can take a couple of hours to complete.  You can close out the screen and continue on other parts of the site if you wish at that time.