Step 1: Setup your SmartEngage avatar and ensure your Facebook page is connected (Automatic process during avatar creation)

Step 2: Log into your old Facebook Messenger software and prepare to send out a broadcast newsletter that asks a question and/or provides a quick reply. (The goal is to get them to interact back in some way).

Step 3: Prepare to send approximately 2 of these broadcasts over the course of about a week using your old Facebook Messenger software.


Step 4: You will see that as soon as someone replies or clicks the quick reply button from your broadcast in the other software they are automatically inserted as a Facebook Messenger Subscriber within SmartEngage.

Step 5: Deactivate your old bot platform and continue to engage with your Facebook Messenger subscribers exclusively through SmartEngage.

NOTE: You may lose some subscribers during this process due to some people not replying or clicking any quick replies from your broadcast message via your old software provider.  This is expected and is nothing to be concerned with since the ones not replying/interacting are most likely not going to have good engagement anyway.