Overlay Forms

Bar, Modal, Slide-In, Page Takeover


Embeddable Forms


Button & Box


This is primarily used for integrating with 3rd party services so that the forms synchronize so that emails, and/or names get added into SmartEngage instantly upon form submission.

Step 1: Create your Custom HTML Lead Magnet Form within SmartEngage

On the left navigation area click on "Lead Magnets" 


Step 2: On the top right of this page click on the button for "New Lead Magnet" 


Step 3: Select Opt-In Form and click Next


Step 4: Select Email in the Form type dropdown.

And then select HTML Form



Step 5: Configure Your Opt-In accordingly. 

Below is a full video walkthrough demo of integrating the SE HTML Form within Clickfunnels
Reference: https://help.smartengage.com/help/how-to-integrate-with-clickfunnels


Other Growth Tools

Landing Page

This lead magnet functions much like the "Page Takeover" lead magnet from the "Overlay Forms" section.

The main difference with the Landing Page option, however, is that once you activate/save and view the setup tab it will create a full landing page URL which you can use without even having to have a website.