Re-sending Broadcast Newsletters is a great way to ensure your message has its best chance to be seen.

On the final step before sending a broadcast is the "Settings" tab.

Please direct your attention to the section labeled, "Auto Follow up Settings"

#1 - With this this option enabled you will be able to configure further options to automatically send your broadcast message again to users that do not open it the first time.


#2 - Here is where you specify the duration to wait after sending your oriinal broadcast message before the auto follow up will activate.


#3 - You have the option to enter an alternate Subject Line as a way to try and capture the Subscriber's attention with a different marketing angle.


#4 - SmartEngage has a powerful feature which will allow you to use the Subscriber's secondary platform (if available) to deliver the message. This is a great option to use as sometimes a person is not always checking one particular platform; but they may see it on another.