This feature is great for maximizing engagement and creating a viral effect on your Facebook Posts. When enabled, we are able to automatically message anyone who leaves a comment on your Facebook Page post. Once that person replies to your message they will automatically become a Facebook Messenger Subscriber.

Step 1: On the left navigation area click on "Lead Magnets" 


Step 2: On the top right of this page click on the button for "New Lead Magnet" 


Step 3: On the popup that appears click on the option for "Facebook Page Comment" and click Next. 


Step 4: The first step to configure here is to select the Facebook Post to use for this comment feature. Click the button for "Select a Post". Find the post you want to use and select it.


Step 5: By default SmartEngage will send a message to anyone who leaves any comment, but you can adjust it to only send a message based on specific keywords.


Step 6: Configure Auto-response. This is the very first message your Facebook Page will automatically send to the person who leaves a comment on your selected Facebook Post.
IMPORTANT - This person is not considered a subscriber until they reply to this Auto-response message.  For this reason it is best practice to pose an inrtiguing question here to help generate a reply back.


Step 7: Configure your Opt-In Message.  If the Facebook user replies in Step 6 above then you can configure to send them this Opt-In Message for whatever you want as they are now considered a subscriber.


Please watch this video walkthrough: