Step 1: Enter the Brand (business) name as well as the main URL for the website. The sub domain is automatically created based on your entered Brand Name.

Then, click Next.


Step 2: This step requires you to enter the email address and name you will be using to send email as.
In order to have the best deliverability possible we HIGHLY advise you follow this checklist:

  1. Your Sending Domain should be a real website that you own with content on it.
  2. Your Sending Domain should be public, meaning WHOIS privacy is OFF.
  3. Your Sending Domain should have a valid SSL Certificate
  4. BONUS: Use a sending domain that has been online for a few years

Then click "Verify" so we can confirm that your sending address is valid and able to receive mail.

You will also be asked to enter the "Reply To" email and name, but in most cases you can just click "Use Same as From" to use the same information for both.

Then click Next.


Step 3: In case you are using a different mailing address for each brand avatar we allow you to configure that individually here. If you simply want to use the same address as the Master account during signup, then click the link, "Use Master Account Address" and it will automatically insert your address here.

Then click Next


Step 4: This step is important to get the highest inbox rate possible for your email deliverablity. It is recommended to complete this step now by playing the video and following along. Click the button to test that your records are properly set and then click Next.



You can click Next and do it later if you want though. If you need to reference the tutorial video for this please visit:


Step 4 Now we must connect your Brand Avatar to a Facebook Page. 

If you need to create a Facebook Page follow this link:

If you already have a Facebook Page for this Brand, click "Connect"

Find your Facebook Page for this particular Brand Avatar and click "Connect"

You will see a confirmation message that your Facebook page has successfully been connected. 

Click Next


Step 6: You will now be prompted to use the existing Facebook Page avatar (default) or change the photo by clicking on it to select something else.

Then, click Next


Step 7: The final step is to copy the tracking code and insert that into the <header> of all the websites you wish to track for SmartEngage. Additionaly, this script allows SmartEngage to create lead magnets on your sites without having to add any extra code snippets.

Then, click Complete.

NOTE: More details on adding your Tracking Code can be found here:

In the event that you skip this and need to find your tracking code later please review this article:


After clicking Continue, please wait about 15 seconds for the page to refresh with your newly created Brand Avatar.