Your Brand Avatar is Your Business! A person can also be a brand. The important thing here is that you have a Facebook Fan Page for your Brand which will be used to help keep things organized inside of SmartEngage.

Your Brand Avatar essentially performs as its own entity. Each one has a unique tracking code as well as its own integrations which must be configured.  

Using Brand Avatars gives you the ultimate control to configure each business you own and operate with its own custom settings.


Lets say you are a Yoga Instructor and you have a Facebook page for your Yoga business.  That would be considered 1 Brand Avatar.  Lets also assume that you have a side business that sells health supplements. This would also be considered a separate business so you would want to have another Brand Avatar created for this as well.

Each Brand Avatar has its own list of subscribers to keep things nice and organized. And what's even better is if you have the same subscriber appear on multiple Brand Avatars within your account; We only count that as one subscriber so you get the most bang for your buck.