Custom Fields allow you to store valuable information about your subscribers. For example, within our Facebook Messenger chatbot you ask the subscriber's type of business, receive a reply, and store it as a custom field for "Business Type". 

In order to create and manage your custom fields just follow these steps:


Step 1: Click on your brand avatar and then click "Manage / Integrate"


Step 2: On the left navigtion menu area click on "Custom Fields"

Step 3: Click the button for "Create New Custom Field"

Step 4: Enter a Name and select the type of data it will be depending if it will be text based, a number, date, etc.


Once you are satisified with your selections, click on Create.


A list of your Custom Fields will be listed on the main page in two sections. One for currently active Custom Fields, and another for Archived Custom Fields which you are not actively using.


Now it's time to get creative and build some Facebook Messenger Chatbots which ask the user for inputs which will be stored as a custom field.