Bulk Actions are a great way run tasks for your Subscribers. Have a certain #tag or automation sequence you want to bulk assign? This is where you do that.


Step 1: Visit your Subscriber's page


Step 2: Now that you are on your Subscriber's page go ahead and set any Filters, Searches, and date ranges to narrow the list of Subscriber's according to your needs.


Step 3: In the top right area you will see the # of filtered subscribers based on your criteria. You can now click on "Select all" to select all the subscribers which match that criteria.





Step 4: Click on the button for "Bulk Actions"

At this point you can select the type of action you wish to conduct. 

Add Tag - Adds the tag you select to all the selected subscribers.

Remove Tag - Removes the tag you select from all the selected subscribers.

Add to Sequence - Will add the selected subscribers to any Sequences you have created

Remove from Sequence - Will remove the selected subscribers from any Sequences you have created.

Calculate Conversion Value - When selected you will then have to select a date range to retrive the conversion data. This calculation will take the Total $ of conversoins and divide it by the # of subscribers selected in order to give you your Life Time Value (LTV).

Export - Will download a list of the selected subscribers in CSV format

Delete - Will warn you and then delete your selected subscribers.