Filters allow for setting conditions for which will then display the subscribers based on your selections.


The timeframe filter is the first one to take note of. 

The default option is Lifetime, which will show all of your subscribers, but you are welcome to select another timeframe preset depending on your needs.


The next option we will cover is extremely powerful and allows you to set conditinal filters for sorting and displaying your subscribers. Click on "Filter" and you will then see the "Conditions" box appear underneath it.

You can now click on the Conditions box in order to display all the possible filters.

You can make multiple filter selections which will display to show you which filters you have set thus far. 

Above these filters you will also see the option to set how these Filters are joined. 

-They can either be joined using "all of these conditions", which means that all of the selected fitlers must apply for the Subscribers to be displayed below.

-They can also be joined using "any of these condtions", which means that each filter works independently of the others and will show subscribres as long as any of the selected filters apply.