The first thing to understand are the types of Facebook Messenger Broadcasts you are able to send.


There are three different types of broadcasts you can send on Facebook Messenger, and each type has its own rules and guidelines.

Why did Facebook create these rules?

They want to ensure their users have a great experience when using Messenger. This means avoiding spammy content.

So yes, you are limited in how often you can send promotional emails via Facebook Messenger. but keep in mind the benefit of all those rules: when you do send a promotion to your subscribers, they will be more receptive because they aren’t being inundated with junk messages.

Here’s a quick overview of the three types of broadcasts along with the rules for each one.

1. Subscription Broadcasts - This is known on SmartEngage as our Subscription Interest message. This is your typical non-promotional message Subscription broadcasts cannot contain promotions or ads, but on the other hand, you can send them anytime you want—regardless of your subscribers’ activity level.

Subscription broadcasts are best used to ask your subscribers questions. If they intereact in any way such as replying or clicking a button; they will then be considered within the 24 hour window to now receive a promotional message.


2. Promotional Broadcasts - This type of broadcast will allow you to send ads and/or links. However, you can only send promotional broadcasts to subscribers who have interacted with you on Facebook Messenger in the past 24-hours. This is the importance of the Subscription Interest message discussed above.

3. Follow-Up Broadcasts - This is handled automatically by SmartEngage and essentially acts just like a Promotional Message. The way this works is once you send someone a Promotional Broadcast, they have up to 24 hours to interact with your bot.  If they do not interact with your bot you will be allowed one more last chance to send them a promotional message. If they do not interact within 24 hours of this message then they are now only allowed to be contacted via our Subscription Interest method. BUT, should they ever interact with your Subscription Interest message, then the 24 hour clock resets and they can be contacted via a Promotional message once again.


NOTE: For a full video and more information on how this relates to SmartEnage's features for Subscription Interest and Promotional 2-step messaging visit this help article: