Facebook Messenger platform can unexpectedly drop page permissions on admin password change or due to its internal reasons. In case of any trouble with content sending or service setup, we recommend you refresh permissions.

In order to do that please use the following steps:


Step 1: From your logged in Dashboard page click on your current Brand Avatar and then directly underneath it click on "Manage/Integrate".


Step 2: On the left navigation menu click on "Facebook Permissions"












Step 3: We have two options here. 


Refresh Permissions: This is the second option on this page. This option usually corrects most chat bot issues and should be used as your first method to fix the issue you are having.

Reconnect Facebook Account: This is the first option on this page. This option should be used after attempting to refresh permissions and you are still having issues.


Your page permissions will be reset and should start working now. If you still run into issues after completing the above steps please submit a support ticket.


Confirm SmartEngage is configured as your primary receiver

Step 1: Visit the Settings page of your Facebook page and click on "Messenger Platform" from the left navigation menu.

Step 2: Click under the "Connected Apps" section and you should see SmartEngage listed.  Click on the "Configure" button

Step 3: You'll be presented with a popup window like the one below. Simply ensure that the Primary Receiver has SmartEngage selected in the dropdown selector. 


Confirm two-factor Authentication is set up

If the aforementioned steps didn't help, please check whether you have two-factor authentication set up for the Facebook page connected to your Avatar on SmartEngage.

Make sure to set up two-factor authentication for your Facebook profile following the instructions here. When two-factor authentication is enabled both for your profile and for the specific page, this page should function properly. 

If nothing mentioned above helped, please contact our support.