There might be several reasons to why you don't see your widget:

1. Incorrect visibility settings;
2. Problem with Facebook SDK code or another customer chat app;
3. Widget code installed incorrectly;
4. Website CSS styles hides the widget.


1. Head to the Lead Magnet's 'Setup' tab and check 'Visibility Settings' section:


If you entered something here, delete everything and test if the widget appears at all. If it does - problem solved; you will only need to set up correct visibility settings then according to your needs. If it doesn't - head to the paragraph below.

2. Check the Developer Console on your website (F12 in Google Chrome or mouse right-click => Inspect Code)

You might see the following error message:

"The CustomerChat plugin is no longer part of the main Facebook SDK.
# To continue using it please use the correct SDK URL,
# meaning replace sdk.js with sdk/xfbml.customerchat.js.
# For more details see"
If you do have this error message, all you have to do is replace "sdk.js" with "sdk/xfbml.customerchat.js" in your site's code. If the error persists, simply delete all the code associated with Facebook SDK.

If you had any other Customer Chat widgets installed along with SmartEngage, choose only one widget and delete the code of every other widget.

3. Ensure your SmartEngage universal avatar tracking code is installed in the <header>